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Culture of Shanghai Unitech

Team Work Spirit
Every employee’s advantage will be fully developed to achieve the common goal. Employee is the most important resource for SUT. By practicing the human-oriented management, SUT will cultivate all employees’ ability of coordinating and cooperation; to improve their flexible working way; to make them fully grow up with perfect self-control; to help them solve all the potential problems promptly and effectively.

Quality as Life
Quality is life for SUT, base for future development, and principle for growing.

Customer- Oriented Principle
Customer-oriented principle is implemented aiming to achieve win-wins strategy and mutual development.

Valuing Working Safety
Every effort has been made to improve the working environment and to guarantee our employees’ safety. The company’s image is so important that employees will regard their work as their own goal and pursuit if they are treated sincerely.

Unremitting Innovation
Innovation is the origin of SUT’s progress. There is no limit for the technologic progress. We proclaim innovation; proposing to adjust the thinking way to catch up with the changing knowledge-based economy.

Sustainable Development
We have been focusing on technology as the core for growth to achieve the sustainable development.

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